Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 31 > de LaB heads to Compton! > Richland Farms

Join de LaB and the A+D Museum for a special behind-the-scenes tour of Richland Farms with local advocate Dr. Lloyd Wilkins. Our tour will include access to one of Richland Farms' many residences, a conversation with the founder of Compton Jr. Posse, and much more.

Located in Compton, Richland Farms is a unique farming and ranch-style community. It was founded in 1888 when Griffith D. Compton donated his land and stipulated that a portion be zoned as agricultural. In the 1950s, when African-American families began migrating from the rural South, they began a community tradition of small-scale farming. This allowed them the opportunity to work the land for their own use and benefit. More recently, a largely Latino community, originally from Mexico and Central America, has found a home-away-from-home in Richland Farms. On any given day, it is not unusual to see people riding horses as a means of transportation in this area; a neighborhood of approximately 435 homes, many on an acre or more of land, where residents own horses and livestock.

Local residents, activists and organizations like Heal the Bay, Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy, and the Watershed Council, view Richland Farms as a model of ecological, sustainable, and urban agricultural renewal. Yet, despite its rich history, increased development pressures threaten its future.

Price for de LaBBers: $10. Tour benefits Richland Farms, de LaB, and A+D Museum.
(Note: You do not need to become a de LaB member to get the $10 event price. If you're reading this post, simply click the "de LaBBer" rate.)

For more information about Richland Farms, click here.

Sunday, July 31, 1:00-3:00 pm
Tour Start Point
716 West Bennett Street
Compton, CA 90220-4608

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