Friday, July 2, 2010

Crimson Collective's City Listening Artwork Now On Sale!

Those of you who attended City Listening will remember the panoramic black and white mural of the 6th Street Bridge that set the stage for a night celebrating LA design. This urban frieze featured 13 laser-etched panels screened with creatures from koi to giraffes exploring the cityscape. The piece was designed by the geniuses at Crimson Collective, the same artists and designers who built the amazing Crane installation at this year's Coachella.

These panels are now being sold as 13 original artworks, your very own City Listening memento. Learn more about the incredible process to create these, then start picking out your favorite piece! Email Crimson with the name/number of the panel you'd like to buy, and remember, friends of de LaB get an additional 10% off! Click to view a larger image.

panel a:
title: ruff necks
price: $250

panel b:
title: p-nut-butter-n-jelly fish
price: $250

panel c:
title: wooo cares
price: $250

panel d:
title: just follow me
price: $300

panel e:
title: nature inspired
price: $300

panel f:
title: national security
price: $650

panel g:
title: blue cold feet
price: $400

panel h:
title: four steps ahead
price: $550

panel i:
title: in the valley of koi
price: $400

panel j:
title: out of the silent sky
price: $650

panel k:
title: from the heights two city lights
price: $450

panel l:
title: lifelong habits
price: $300

panel m:
title: next day air
price: $450

The panels can also be shipped with a section of the mural behind it for an additional cost. Email Crimson with the name/number of the panel you'd like to buy. Hurry, this deal for friends of de LaB won't last long!

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