Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Go Home with Piece of City Listening

The creative minds behind the Crane from Coachella are back again with something equally experimental and just as evocative for de LaB City Listening II. Only this time, you can take a piece of it home with you.

Based on an iconic image of the Sixth Street Bridge taken from the LA River, the Crimson Collective is building a 40-foot one-of-a-kind modular art installation that is comprised of 2-d and 3-d laser etched cityscapes on dense expanded foam sheets. They literally let the city and the universe decide how their installation would take shape, blending science and art to divine the exact form of the 13 different clustered structures. The design took traffic patterns between La Brea and downtown and the actual geographic locations of all past de LaBs to draw a constellation of LA and applied I Ching, the ancient Chinese art of divination, to translate this data into actual shapes.

Designer Behn Samareh (the master of 3-d) engraves the surface of the panels with grooves that are filled with pigment while Ando Pndlian (the ace of 2-d) superimposes the panels with his laser-cut, precision-laid images. The result is a dense multi-dimensional urban frieze.

Besides being the backdrop for City Listening, this yet-to-be-named work of modular art is available for purchase. These panels are now being sold as 13 original artworks, your very own City Listening memento. Check out the panel descriptions and purchasing information to find out the name/number of the panel you'd like to buy, and remember, friends of de LaB get an additional 10% off!


  1. Let's add that nocturnal intern Oleg Korchinski has been key both in production of Crimson Collective's installation, AND coincidentally working with Something Somewhere on the barchitecture for City Listening.

    This event is NOT to be missed.

  2. Super Korchinski, journeyman apprentice: Don't sleep through your alarm!