Sunday, June 20, 2010

What Would You "Ask Chris"?

We're big fans—as you should be, too—of writer, preservationist, historian and man-about-town Chris Nichols and his "Ask Chris" column in Los Angeles Magazine. Every month, Chris answers questions on LA ranging from "Are there any orange groves left in LA?" to "Silverlake or Silver Lake?" to "What's up with those abandoned streets west of LAX?"

At this weekend's event City Listening II (have you bought your tickets yet?), Chris will bring the column to life for one night only! But to do this, we need your questions!

What are your burning queries about LA's urban landscape, architecture, history? Send us an email or drop 'em in the comments—and no fair answering other people's questions! Come to City Listening II on Saturday, June 26 to see if your questions get picked!

Also! Be sure to check out Chris' picks for the best modern restaurants, midcentury diners and Googie eateries (complete with map!) over at Dwell.


  1. Hello! I have a question! Are there any reported alien landing sites in Los Angeles? Perhaps places where people have reported sitings or said they were abducted? Thanks!

  2. What's the story with the tunnels that supposedly run from Olvera Street to the end of Broadway in Chinatown? I seem to recall a teacher telling me that Chinese immigrants used to hide in them to avoid racial persecution during the early part of the last century.