Monday, June 28, 2010

Did You Win One of Our City Listening Door Prizes?

Thank you, thank you, to all of you who made this year's City Listening a success! We're still cleaning up, crunching numbers and uploading photos so we'll have a full report soon, including how to purchase one of those amazing laser-cut panels that graced the back of the City Listening stage. But one thing we're already certain of: We were absolutely floored by your attendance, love and support! Thank you!

In all our rush to thank our speakers, say goodbye to our guests and get our de LaB Groupies into the after party downstairs, we neglected to post the eight winning raffle ticket numbers for amazing door prizes from The LA Conservancy, Hammer Museum, KCRW, AIA Home Tours, MAK Center, The Hollyhock House, Balcony Press, The Gamble House and Sam Lubell.

We know that the chances you're still holding onto that red ticket are slim, but we decided we needed to try finding our eight lucky winners. So here are the winning tickets:
  • 847656
  • 847628
  • 847650
  • 847588
  • 847637
  • 847661
  • 847620
  • 847658

If you have any of these raffle tickets in your possession, please email us at hello AT designeastoflabrea DOT org so we can get your door prize to you!

If we don't hear from all eight people by Friday, we'll choose some de LaB Groupie ticketholders at random to round out the spots.

Again we're so sorry we screwed up and we promise it won't happen next time!

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