Saturday, June 5, 2010

Name our City Listening II Cocktails--Winners Announced!

Update: Winners announced!

Angelyne (pink), submitted by Ellen, via blog
Pink grapefruit juice

Sweet Elysian (blue), submitted by Amy Martin, via Facebook
Pineapple juice

Red Car (red), submitted by Ellen, via blog
Cranberry juice

Ellen, we don't know how to contact you, so please email us so we can get you your two free tickets. Thank you to everyone who entered! Remember, Early Bird tickets are on sale until midnight tonight!

Thanks to our friends at Pama and Hpnotiq, we'll be shaking up three delightful cocktails at our City Listening II event on June 26. Help us name them and the winning name for each cocktail will get a free ticket to City Listening II, an evening of stories about LA read by the city's leading design writers!

Right now they're just named after the colors they'll be, but we want you to christen these cocktails with proper "design east of La Brea" names before we can serve them to you. How about naming them after your favorite building east of La Brea? Perhaps you can honor your favorite City Listening speaker? Or use the name to show some east of La Brea neighborhood pride? Maybe you should start drinking right now for some proper inspiration!

Pink grapefruit juice

Pineapple juice

Cranberry juice

Post your suggestions to Twitter and tag them #citylistening, add them in the Facebook comments here, or post them in the comments below. Be sure to reference which color cocktail you're naming. The winner for each cocktail will get a free ticket to City Listening II!

Hurry! Deadline is Wednesday night, June 9 at midnight. We'll announce the winners the next day here, on Twitter and on Facebook, so those who don't win will still have plenty of time to buy tickets at Early Bird pricing, which ends midnight, June 10! May the best drink names win!

Disclaimer: Must not be presently located east of La Brea in order to enter. We welcome submissions from those both east and west.


  1. Feeling movie-ish at the moment (at least for the first two names)

    Pink: Pretty in Pink

    Blue: Endless Summer

    Red: Crimson Persephone

    *crossing fingers*

  2. We love it, baby!

    Pink: Mid-City Diva (all the love of LACMA, WeHo, Hollywood)
    Blue: Westside Wonder (for all the surf, baby)
    Red: Downtown Dive (for all us rough and tumble East Siders!)

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  4. Pink:
    1. Pico-Union
    2. Voluntary Furlough
    3. Barnsdall Park
    4. Red Pamplemousse
    5. Ukranian Housecat
    6. Summer Finn
    7. Angel’s Flight

    1. The Philippe
    2. French Navy
    3. The Little Key
    4. Glass-Bottomed Boat
    5. Drowning Chaperone
    6. Francophone Hustler
    7. Effie Street

    1. The Tim McAuliffe
    2. East-Coast Sublet
    3. Furious Styles
    4. Gamble House
    5. The Marlin' Rando
    6. P-Town
    7. Fruit Fight

  5. Street-Related Theme:
    Pink: Angelyne or
    Blue: Blue Line
    Red: The Red Car

    Movie Title Theme:
    Pink: The Pink Panther
    Blue: Blue Velvet / Blue Crush / Blue Sky
    Red: Red Rock West / Red Heat