Friday, January 7, 2011

Thanks LA Times!

We are pleased as punch to be in the company of great organizations like TED, farmlab and Mindshare in this LA Times article. Thanks to writer Ramie Becker for putting us in such fine company:
Los Angeles, you're getting smarter. Or acting smarter, anyway. Judging by the runaway success of interdisciplinary idea-jam conferences like TED, intellectually spiked salons deLaB and farmlab, and the brainy bacchanal of Mindshare LA, the Los Angeles area has become a hub for gatherings that combine the social and the cerebral. It's a brave new world here for upwardly mobile Angelenos who want to simultaneously make business connections, feed their minds and fill out their virtual little black books.
For our next de LaB (details coming soon!) we'll be focusing more on the "spiking." Here's to a great 2011! 

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