Wednesday, March 2, 2011

February Recap > Field Trip to Palm Springs Modernism Week

Thanks to everyone who braved the Mega Doppler-worthy storm last weekend to join us in Palm Springs for the closing weekend of Modernism Week. Luckily, everyone arrived safely at the ACE and the rain cleared just in time for our Saturday afternoon panel.

Seated in the gallery, surrounded by the photography of Leland Lee and Albert Frey, and the artwork of Nel Ivancich and Mathew Sumich, it was almost easy to imagine what it was like in mid-century Palm Springs.
The panelists each shared their design stories as well a few great personal anecdotes. But it was Albert Frey's long time companion Jean Farrar, now in her 90s, who stole the show. Looking almost exactly the way she did in the black and white photos with Albert (petite, lady like, and wearing her signature head wrap), Jean had some great stories. Apparently Mae West had beautiful hands and was a great business woman. Albert Frey had a propensity for fish heads and head stands. Jean herself once spent an uneasy otherworldly night in the bed in which Al Capone's Chinese paramour was slain. And, on playing leap frog with Albert Einstein, Jean remarked that "even geniuses are childlike at times."

All in all, pretty awesome. We look forward to hosting another event at Modernism Week next year. Special thanks to Palm Springs Life and Michael H. Lord Gallery.

More photos can be found at our Facebook page and in the de LaB Flickr group. Add yours!

Photos below courtesy of Loretta Vlach

Jean Farrar
Alissa and Keith in deep design conversation

Leland Lee

Mathew Sumich

Nel Ivancich, Leland Lee, and Jean Farrar


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