Thursday, September 6, 2012

September 21 > Park(ing) Day LA @ LOCAL

Park(ing) Day LA is back! And not only does it represent our favorite excuse to hang out - literally - on the streets of Los Angeles, but it takes place mere weeks after the City of LA's recent announcement to develop three permanent parklets as part of a new pilot program to add green space in unlikely areas of the city. Read more on that here. 

Join us on Friday, September 21st as we head back to our favorite Silver Lake spot just outside of LOCALThis year we're thrilled to be working with new design firm The Rare Studio, run by recent Art Center College of Design grads Mike Manalo, Ricardo R. Bojorquez and Salvador Orara. Their design takes it cue from the very essence of Park(ing) Day and ties into the themes of the movement, including lack of dedicated green spaces and accessibility to parks, while adding a focus on locally sourced organic ingredients and fresh eating. 

Through a series of terraced structures made out of industrial ceiling panels, The Rare Studio's neon-colored Soft Publics mobile partition system will be layered into a series of rippling pockets to look like a temporary construction site. Upon closer inspection, however, it will reveal itself to be a pop-up green museum with plants - everything from lemon balm, basil and organic hierloom wormwood - overflowing from each individual pocket. Yum!

Fabricated felt pockets will be attached to the openings. Each pocket will contain one variety of organic herbs or plants. 

So, come out and join us for a fun-filled afternoon of civic engagement, vertical gardens, locally sourced food
at LOCAL, and sun. Honestly, we can't think of a better reason to play hookie!

For a full map of all the pop-up parks, click here.

What: Soft Publics Park by The Rare Studio for Park(ing) Day LA
Where: LOCAL Restaurant, 2943 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026
When: Friday, September 21st, 11am-ish to 4pm-ish

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